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We offer complete Audiological diagnostic workup under one roof with sound treated room of standard norms. We also provide complete solution for all speech or voice related disorders.
  • World class fully automatic computerized Audiometer
  • Basic investigation for patient with otological problem
  • It confirms the type ( conductive, sensorineural or mixed ) and degree ( mild , moderate , severe or profound ) of deafness
  • Special tests can be performed to differentiate cochlear and retro- cochlear pathology
  • Very advanced and latest INTERACOUSTICS Impedance audiometer
  • Used to evaluate Middle ear pressure, Ossicular chain mobility and Eustachian tube function
  • Stapadial reflexes and Reflex Decay test can also be elicited
  • Very useful to differentiate various ossicular and middle ear pathologies
  • World best BIOLOGICS Audiometer is used for this test
  • In this test the response of brain is evaluated while giving different sound stimulus
  • As it is an objective test for deafness it is very precise and confirmatory
  • Very useful tool to differentiate cochlear and retro cochlear pathologies
  • Deafness of every patient varies in terms of type and degree
  • To compensate for their deafness, different hearing aid options are available
  • To have best result selection of hearing instrument is done after proper history taking and understanding the patient's need.
  • Today it is an era of customized digital hearing aid. The hearing aid is made accordingly patient's audiometric findings and actual measurement of patient ear canal.
  • We provide hearing aid of only time tested and world class international companies like PHONAK (Switzerland), STARKEY (USA), SIEMENS (Germany) with international warranty.
  • Different models and designs of digital hearing aids like BTE (Behind the ear), RIC (Receiver in canal), ITC (In the canal), CIC (Complete in canal), IIC (Invisible in canal) are available
  • Advanced technology hearing aid like Remote Assisted Device and Wireless Programmable Hearing Aid are available.
  • For patients of Single Sided Deafness a trial of BAHA or BI-CROSS hearing aid is available
  • For young children in whom placement of head phone or insertion of ear plugs is difficult
  • Can be synchronized with Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
  • Response of a small child to the sudden appearance of sound is checked
  • Done using very sensitive GSI Audio Screener+
  • It checks the functionality of outer hair cells of cochlea
  • Important screening parameter to rule out congenital deafness in newborns
  • Can be done even immediately after birth
  • Both DP OAE as well as TE OAE can be performed
  • In this test activity of brain in response to different pitch and frequency is estimated
  • Useful in too young children who cannot be subjected for traditional audiometric tests
  • Confirmatory test for infants showing possible hearing loss in OAE
  • Tinnitus is the sound of silence which imparts physical as well as mental annoyance
  • Different causes and conditions can produce tinnitus
  • To differentiate various possibilities, a complete and thorough audiological workup is mandatory
  • Battery of tests are performed to know the origin and type of tinnitus like Pure tone audiometry, Frequency and intensity matching, TRT masking and Eustachian tube function test. In few patients even BERA is necessary
  • We offer different treatment options like Tinnitus masking Therapy, Caroverine Therapy under audiologist supervision etc.

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